What causes hearing loss?


Ageing or chronic exposure to loud noise contribute to hearing loss. But have you ever wondered what other symptoms untreated hearing loss can cause? Today we explain some of the causes you may suffer long-term if you don’t treat your hearing loss with a hearing specialist.

1. Reduced brain function: The ear picks up and transmits all the sounds around us, but it would not be able to do so without the signals processed by the brain, which gives meaning to the sounds we interpret. When we begin to have hearing loss, what happens is that our brain receives fewer sounds and begins to forget what to do with them. As the brain is no longer able to interpret the sounds it used to recognise, what can happen is that it can also affect our ability to understand speech. This happens because the areas of the brain that are responsible for interpreting sounds become weaker and other areas try to compensate for this loss. Thanks to advances in technology, hearing aids can prevent or delay this deterioration.

2. Social isolation: Another cause of hearing loss is social isolation. Not being able to communicate normally or not being aware of the auditory stimuli around you affects your mood and desire to continue doing things. Being able to count on an aid that makes your life easier is a very good option to support this process, which many people suffer from nowadays. Hearing aids help to improve your quality of life and normalise the whole situation.

3. Accidents at home or in the street: Hearing loss can mean that you are not 100% aware of your surroundings. This can lead to falls or accidents in the home. At AudioControl we are specialists in the field of hearing loss. We offer the best treatment for each individual because for us, your health and wellbeing is paramount.


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