Frequently Asked Questions

How to change the batteries in your hearing aids?

Depending on the hearing instrument, its capacity, the type of battery, the time of use and the degree of hearing loss, hearing aids may take more or less days to need a battery change.

Sometimes batteries wear out suddenly, so it is advisable to always carry a replacement set of batteries.












How to change the hearing aid tulip and filter?

A hearing aid has several parts, most of which require regular cleaning and maintenance.

A maintenance of the filter and tulip is essential for the proper functioning of the hearing aid.








How to fit the hearing aid?

The correct handling and fitting of the hearing aid is essential for correct hearing, and they must be fitted and removed in a certain way.

In case they are used for both ears, it is important to differentiate between left and right hearing aids, as the shape and settings may be different in each case. Generally, the blue colour identifies the hearing aid for the left ear and the red colour for the right ear.






How to connect headphones to the TV?

Connecting your hearing aids to your TV is possible. This will allow the sound to be transmitted directly to your ears.





How to connect your hearing aids to your mobile phone?

Connecting your hearing aids to your mobile phone allows you to transfer sound directly to your hearing aids via Bluetooth without the need for cables.

Thanks to this technology it is possible to make calls without having to hold the phone to your ear, and receive the sound of video calls or videos directly into your hearing aids.