The most frequent questions


Starting a change can sometimes lead to a lot of questions and you will inevitably wonder what it will be like to wear them, how to maintain them, how they work… In this publication we would like to offer you a basic guide to resolve these questions that may arise when using hearing aids.

How does a hearing aid work? Hearing aids have a microphone that picks up speech and ambient sound and converts it into an electrical signal that is transmitted to the hearing aid processor. The processor then increases the volume according to the individual’s hearing needs. Finally, the receiver converts the electrical signal into an audible signal.

Are hearing aids and sound amplifiers the same thing? No. Sound amplifiers only increase ambient sound, while hearing aids amplify and process sounds to help people with hearing loss.

Do hearing aids need to be maintained? Of course! It is very important to have the different parts of the hearing aid cleaned regularly and to have regular check-ups at your local hearing centre.

Is it necessary to use two hearing aids? Hearing loss can occur in both ears, so it is recommended to use two hearing aids to provide much more natural and wider hearing.

Each case should be analysed with a tailor-made solution for each individual. If I watch TV, will there be interference with the sound? Thanks to the advancement of new technologies, we can offer hearing aids that can be easily adapted to our daily lives. By connecting hearing aids to the TV, it is possible to listen to it and watch it without any problems.

And if I receive a call, where can I hear the sound? Via the Bluetooth connection, you can connect your hearing systems to your mobile phone. This allows you to hear calls, videos or music directly in your hearing systems.


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